[Pipet Devel] more info on WebSphere

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Jul 13 14:17:13 EDT 2000

``[IBM] WebSphere Transcoding Publisher is a tool that is considered "protocol
agnostic," meaning that this technology will soon allow any Web content to be
easily ported on any "display" device.... Meantime, IBM is now keen on
promoting "open standards" and "open source" computing as it declared that
WebSphere will run on any platform, or that is at least 30 hardware platforms,
and a list of computing environments such as Windows 2000, Linux, HP-UX, among
others. "IBM is particular about not building a suite of Web applications but
components that can be modular and can scale up," said Dutton.''


I consider WebSphere, along with M$.NET, JavaSpaces, E-Speak, etc. to be
similar enough to Piper to be considered "commercial competitors".  A big
difference seems to be the reliance of these systems on the web browser,
perhaps a mistake.  Also, looking at the bunch we have on this list, I'd say
Piper will be a bit more tuned toward scientific and technical computing than
e-commerce and personal productivity ;-)


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