[Pipet Devel] BlueBox source code

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Jul 25 09:13:30 EDT 2000

Jeff wrote:
>> The source code for BlueBox, showing the architecture and including 
>> widgets, is available here:
>>   http://www.dloo.com/bluebox/download.html
>> Pipers, PLEASE download it, look it over, and post comments.

Okay :-).

I grabbed this over the weekend, but never finished installing it. The 
install is pretty vicious right now, with hard-coded libraries and 
install directories buried in the Makefile.am's. Some of the problems 
could be fixed using *-config files (I don't anything about wxWindows 
to know how to not have to hardcode their stuff) or just from hacking 
the Makefile.am's, of course. Howerve, my impression was that things 
are changing really drastically, making me pretty unexcited to get 
this fixed up just to have the next source release be completely 
different :-).
    Also, right now BlueBox uses libxml2, while Overflow uses libxml. 
These are incompatible, so be sure to keep 'em separate. This caught 
me for a while since I forgot I installed libxml2 for BlueBox, and 
started getting all kinds of problems in Overflow. Of course, probably 
everyone else isn't as slow as I am...

> Okay, except for the fact that the server is refusing connections :-P

Use an ftp client (and not your browser) and you shouldn't have any 


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