[Pipet Devel] GConf, Loci, pickles, etc.

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sat Jun 10 02:18:46 EDT 2000

> > Maybe this sounds naive (I'm not very experienced with C/C++ nonetheless STL),
> > but could Jarl use STL for the BL?
> Not unless the BL switches to C++.

Correct. With wont be possible unless there will be hundereds of manhours spend in
porting the code. Something I wont be doing..

> The STL (as the name implies) is heavily
> based on templates, a C++ only feature. I think all the glib types have an
> equivalent in the STL (lists, trees, ...).

Yes, besides portability glib provides lists\trees\memory management and many other
enhancements of the kinda old C library.

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