[Pipet Devel] GConf, Loci, pickles, etc.

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sat Jun 10 00:00:48 EDT 2000

Jarl wrote:
> I tried to compile Overflow on OpenBSD, but got this during 
> Jean Mark, maybe you could
> gimme a hint?
[...snip...configure error...]

Well, I can. I want to do my part to help with Overflow since 
Jean-Marc spent so much time helping me out getting it working on 
FreeBSD :-).

The problem is that in the configure.in in the main directory, there 
is a part that looks like this:

case "$host_os" in 
hpux*) OS=HPUX ;;
dnl mv libtool libtool-bak  
dnl cat libtool-bak | perl -ne 's/\+h /\\\${wl}\+h/; s/ \+b / 
\\\${wl}\+b/; s/\"\/.*\/ld\"/\"$CXX\"/; print' > libtool;;
linux*) OS=LINUX ;;
freebsd*) OS=FREEBSD ;;
dnl Initialize libtool.

The problem is that it is trying to look for the OS, and not finding 
anything for OpenBSD, so then it generates an ugly looking file to 
test the C++ compiler, which ends up causing a compilation error, 
which makes configure think that the C++ compiler doesn't work. If you 

openbsd*) OS=OPENBSD ;;

to this case statement, it should fix the problem (hopefully!). At 
least that's what worked for FreeBSD.

All hail the great and mighty *BSD empire,

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