[Pipet Devel] New piper version + docs

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sat Jun 10 10:02:41 EDT 2000

> That's a good question.  But, actually, I recall you suggested 
having the UI
> start the DL (or front start the middle, since we were working on 
Loci back
> then).  Should we have "pied" and "peep" executables that, when 
started, let
> you connect to (and/or start) a DL session?  This means that the DL 
is not
> started directly by the user.

Yeah, this is how it works right now. When you type 'piper' it tries 
to start up the dl (and only does this if the dl is not started) and 
then starts up the user interface. You would have to pass a command 
line option not to turn on the dl for it to not try to start up.

>> Also, maybe we should
>> have an option in the configuration file for the default user
>> interface if no option is passed on the command line, so that 99% of
>> the time you can just start up piper with 'piper' and get what you
>> want.
> I guess this idea doesn't mesh with the one I mention above.  We 
could have
> it
> either way.  I think the approach above would be simpler for the 
> especially when multiple sessions can be started.

I'm not sure that I understand how my approach and yours don't mesh. 
If we added the "default user interface" thing to the configuration 
file, then you could just type 'piper' to start up the ui of your 
choice and the dl would get started transparently (which makes sense 
to me, since most users won't care about starting the dl by hand). 
Then if you type 'piper' again, you'll get another user interface (of 
your default choice). And so on...
    Is this what you were thinking of?


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