[Pipet Devel] Vote for Thing Name

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jun 11 19:17:23 EDT 2000

Hello all;
    One thing we've been having problems with is coming up with a name 
to define the main "thing" in Piper. In loci we had been using 
"locus", and in Overflow Jean-Marc and Dominic had been using "node." 
    But, I don't like "node" because I think it is confusing when 
dealing with DOM (to manipulate XML) which also uses node, and 
Jean-Marc doesn't like locus because he doesn't think it is clear 
about what it refers to.
    So, we were brainstorming for some names, and Jean-Marc came up 
with the following, which we'd like to get a vote out on. I would 
encourage everyone to vote, especially if you aren't involved in 
coding and just like to lurk, as this is more about making things 
clear both to users and coders then about a specific design issue. So 
here are the candidates, please vote for just one:

1. Node

2. Locus (plural -> Loci)

3. Atom

4. Processor

5. Your own write in candidate -> ____________

Just remember, your voice isn't heard unless you excercise your 
open-source given right to vote.
    Oh, and one vote per person please -- No stuffing the ballot box 


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