[Pipet Devel] Locus (meaning, etc).

deanne at density.biop.umich.edu deanne at density.biop.umich.edu
Sun Jun 11 20:50:31 EDT 2000

BTW, "Locus" is not strictly a biological word, and only recently "became"
a word to mean a location of a chromosome. It's a Latin word, which means
"locality". This is the actual meaning of locus, from Webster's...


1.A locality; a place. 
         2.A center or focus of great activity or intense
concentration: the cunning exploitation of
            loci of power; the insulation from normal American society
(Clifton Fadiman). 
         3.Mathematics. The set or configuration of all points whose
coordinates satisfy a single
            equation or one or more algebraic conditions. 
         4.The position that a given gene occupies on a chromosome. 

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