[Pipet Devel] IRC log on XML design/Overflow inclusion in Piper

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Jun 12 06:12:39 EDT 2000

"J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:
> Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> >
> > (plus, I think I can pack more nodes per square inch!).
> I may take you up on that challenge :-)  All I have to do with Pied is remove
> the icons and I'm left with teeny white dots representing the nodes :-P

This is actually one of the 4 "views" I'm planning for each window/let. 
Removing the icons and names will allow the user to see the whole network,
even if it is very large.

  (1) Network Normal View: Icons, names, windowlets, etc.
      can be seen.
  (2) Network World View: Only dots and lines can be seen.
      No scrolling either.
  (3) GUI View: Network-described GUI is seen (per
      conversation with BlueBox).
  (4) Informational View: Details about the node (location,
      name, etc.) are seen and can be changed.

I mentioned this on either the Loci or Piper list around the time we merged. 
I can't recall.

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