[Pipet Devel] Peep update

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Jun 12 06:50:23 EDT 2000

deanne at density.biop.umich.edu wrote:
> ((( > <peep> nodeset
> >
> > Enter the number of  the new node: 2
> Okay, maybe this is just a test/example, but node numbering should be
> automatic...probably handled by the UI (not the DL). )))
> ..but I can see here that you could have also meant that the UI processes
> the information AFTER the DL feeds it to the UI. I took it to mean that
> you wanted the UI to do the numbering for the DL.

I was talking about pure presentation, not anything that means anything to the

For example, the DL tells Peep that a certain node has an output pipe


But, for the sake of making things simple for the user, Peep shows the pipe as
being named...


So, the user says...

  "Do this with 2"

And Peep tells the DL...

   "Do this with supercalifredulisticipsialidocious"

Yes, the UI's can do a little bit beyond relaying messages between user and
DL, but still, 99% of what the UI's do is PRESENTATION.  (Don't ask what the
other 1% is; I just don't want to put it in absolute terms ;-))

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