[Pipet Devel] Greetings from dLoo

Nile Geisinger nile at dloo.com
Tue Jun 13 21:35:14 EDT 2000

Greetings from dLoo,

As you have heard from Jeff, we are working on similar technologies! The
model we were working from was different, but the problems we had to
solve were similar.

The exciting news is that, because of our models, both teams have been
attacking different ends of the puzzle first. This means that there is a
great possibility for both projects to benefit from each other and
tighten their scope.

---On the Gray Papers---

What we have been doing over here the last two days is putting together
a set of gray papers (not white) on how BlueBox works, how we understand
Piper to work, and how they could work together with directory services.
These papers are meant to be introductions that are "basic but technical
enough" that GNOME and KDE people can understand the hows, whats, and
whys of what we both are working on.

The papers are posted at http://dloo.com/piper/ (not www).  Please
consider them to be mutually owned. Read them, rip them apart, correct
any mistakes we make, etc..

Assuming that they look good to you (after all corrections), we can then
agree to collaborate and publish the news to GNOME along with the Gray
Papers on both of our websites Thursday/Friday .

---On Collaborating as a Whole---

We have a great graphic artist who can provide artwork if you need it.

Feel free to use the Gray Papers and all images (excepting dLoo logos)
on them in any way you wish.

We believe in sharing the success of our company with those who work
with us in the open source community. Our lawyers are still working on
the equity plan. It will be a few weeks before we know the exact

look forward to working with you,

the dLoo team.

After notes:

Everything on Piper is from what we understand from your website. We did
not use any terminology from our model.

We did, however, change two terms to make it easier to understand.

We changed "object" to "component" because that is the terminlogy that
KDE and GNOME developers use.

We changed parts of the the definition layer to "directory services."

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