[Pipet Devel] Piper's Importance and Resources

Nile Geisinger nile at dloo.com
Fri Jun 16 07:23:13 EDT 2000

Hi All,

I just sent out an answer to Brad and Gary's questions. My mail client
died in the middle of transfer so if you didn't get it, let me know.

I'm about to go down the rabbit hole for the next two weeks to get out
the early adopter release of BlueBox. In the meantime, if you need high
quality graphics work
send an email describing what you need done to developer at dloo.com and
we'll put Alex on it.

Alex is really talented and can produce pretty amazing results if you
give him a description of what you need. He might be working on clip art
graphics for GNOME and KDE (sorely needed).

We redid the Piper stuff so that it would integrate more into your site
if you're interested. Again, feel free to do anything you like with it.
Graphics and HTML are at http://dloo.com/piper/revised.tgz.

I answered in the last email part of the reason dLoo is excited about
Piper in answer to a question. We're really surprised, to be honest,
that the rest of the open source movement isn't excited about it.

Right now, programs in KDE and GNOME are both static and opaque. Their
internals cannot be changed or seen by users.

Piper offers a new way to program. Rather than statically binding
components together, it offers a simple linking language that binds
program components together at run time. In this way, uses can instantly
get a graphical display of the internals of programs in pretty graphics
that they can manipulate. This has the potential to completely
revolutionize the KDE/GNOME development model in a very profound way.

Piper also allows users to manage workflow across a network. Again, very

Finally, Piper allows users to build distributed applications (some time
in the future).

Of these, I could easily see a dozen KDE/GNOME people wanting to
contribute if they just understood the potential of your work.

Have you considered publishing a press release to GNOTICES or linuxtoday
or even slashdot regarding, in particular, how Piper can make programs
transparent and modifiable? There are a lot of people who would find
this fascinating and I bet they would be interested in contributing.

Let us know if you need anything for you work. Again, thanks for all of
your responses,


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