[Pipet Devel] a /BL/ network/subnet

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Jun 20 21:46:15 EDT 2000

>     Exactly WHAT can a /BL/ network/subnet contain?
>         A. Only BL subnets and PL networks
>         B. Option A plus a couple nodes such as documents and
>            containers (as in the icon list)
>         C. Anything
> If we let Overflow handle LOCAL connectivity with EVERYTHING, then we choose
> option A.

Yep, A. But..

GMS has the ability to wrap non textmode applications. It's done by having a
specialisted plug-in for an application you want to embed. And it has the
ability to let graphical applications dock into a gms window. I never brought
this to attension I think, but it's already fully functional. I'll write a
plugin 'around' the PL, do one for BL->BL communication, one for
data-encryption, etc, etc.
I can disable appications wrapping in Piper-mode to keep everybody happy :)

> But, Jarl will argue that GMS can do more than just talk to Overflow.  Do we
> NEED the BL to talk to a node other than Overflow???

To another instance of a BL, to\from the localhost to determine the system load
to name a few.

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