[Pipet Devel] Overflow and real-time audio processing

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Jun 23 14:55:16 EDT 2000

Jean-Marc wrote:
> I just thought this might be interesting to some of you, as a demo of 
> what Overflow can do. I just "wrote" an Overflow program (.n) that
> performs real-time audio processing. 
> It reads the soundcard input, normalized the volume (lowers
> louder sounds, amplifies lower sounds), and sends the result back to the
> soundcard output. It takes less than 5% CPU on my Athlon 500 at
> 44.1kHz/stereo (I use chunks of ~10 ms). 
> Note, you need a full-duplex soundcard and the latest
> version in CVS to try it. 

Jean-Marc, this sounds very cool and I would like to try it out, although
I will admit to having a soundcard sitting in my machine which is not even
set up to work (the annoying beeps my FreeBSD machine makes have
always been musical enough for me, I guess :-).
	Do you have any pointers to good places to go to learn about
setting up soundcards and just read about sound stuff on UN*X machines in
general? I will look for FreeBSD specific info and try to get this
working, but I should probably learn the very basics first (hey, I'm not
afraid to admit to being clueless :-).
	Thanks for posting this stuff, tho. Overflow is very nice, and
hopefully in a little while you will be able to post about doing  all of
this stuff in Piper :-)


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