[Pipet Devel] announcements

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Jun 23 22:34:30 EDT 2000

> I think we should make some announcements about Piper now to get the
> attention
> of developers.  I'd like to make general announcements about the 
project (not
> saying we have a release) on Gnotices and Freshmeat.  What do you 

Well, Jeff, I don't think I need to write to tell you what I think 
about making announcments without having code :-).
    Seriously, I think if you are really excited about making 
announcements we need one of two things:

1. Actual code that people can download and play with.

2. Detailed information about what someone could do to help with the 
project if they wanted to. A good example of this that I like is in 
Berlin (has anyone figured out that I like Berlin yet :-). They have 
nice development info (http://www.berlin-consortium.org/devel.html) 
and also task lists for people interested in helping in different ways 

The reason I say this is just based on how I feel about looking at 
pages. No offense to dLoo, but when you asked us to look at their page 
the first time I looked at it, said to myself "neat ideas" and then 
promptly forgot about it. The problem is that anyone in the whole 
world can spend a lot of time making a nice web page with all of their 
ideas on it, but this doesn't really mean anything unless I think the 
ideas will really be implemented. And there are two ways I think the 
ideas will be implemented:

1. They've already done it.

2. They have projects people can work on, and a project sounds cool 
enough to me that I will work on it and help implement it.

I just think the first time people take some time to look at Piper, 
they should be able to feel like they can do something other than just 
read about it. Just me 2 bits...


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