[Pipet Devel] hierarchy

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sat Jun 24 14:33:42 EDT 2000


HI all,

> The idea behind the genetic algorithms stuff is that it is just a
> smarter way to execute a work flow diagram so that remote processes
> will run simultaneously and the whole processing thing will be done
> faster.

a GA is like a cryscal ball. It's main purpose is to try to predict the future

> > Perhaps we should take a look at direct BL -> BL communication (keep
> > execution
> > in the RTS).  From what Jarl has said, it seems the BL is very
> capable of
> > doing that.
> Sure, if Jarl thinks this is better, then maybe we should look at
> this. If we want to have all of the remote authentication occur at the
> level of the definition layer, then the definition layer can be
> responsible for fetching object references for remote nodes, and then
> the BL can do all of the calling directly. At any rate, I am for
> leaving this thread for the time being and focus on local stuff in our
> coding and discussions right now.

At first BL->BL communication seems more natural to me, but remembering
the pull\push systems I misjudged,   BL->DL->DL->BL comm. might be better.
This is something to think about in the (near) future. Nothing really important

> > what's the purpose of the BL???
> I suggest that we cut it out? This is a very unproductive way to talk
> about things. The BL and Jarl's contributions to Piper are extremely
> important, and we should never have to question this. Please, let's
> keep things positively focused. Positive energy.

Thnx Brad :) But serieusly, I see cristisism as a good thing because it will
make me do a better job. Let me list the functionallity of the BL again the way
I see it:

1. AAA (Authorisation, Authentication and Accounting),
        Authorisation = giving a user access to an system.
        Authentication = user+password system to get a network address space,
                                            cq an area where a user can run it's
        Accounting = Resources management (cpu\ram\HD space\etc)

2. Brokering,
        to spread and connect nodes (PL networks) across multiple systems

3. Optimalisation,
        a dynamic weighting system that predicts loads so the brokering can be
done better.
        Note this system  requieres a network of SINGLE type nodes, the +/- 120
diff. node
        types of the PL can never be 'compared' to each other.

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