[Pipet Devel] A couple o' BL questions WAS hierarchy

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sat Jun 24 22:14:50 EDT 2000

Hey Jarl (and anyone else who is interested :-)
    Hope everything is going good with you. I just had some more time 
to read more carefully over your listing of what the brokering layer 
is planned to do, and just had a couple of comments/questions.

1. Is the planned order of implementing things like you have specified 
in the numbering of the things to do (ie. first AAA, then Brokering, 
then Optimization/GA stuff)? It seems like this makes sense, since the 
AAA stuff is kind of what we already have in the idl, combined with 
the internal authentication system you've been talking about. Then we 
need to figure out what is going on with remote applications, etc. I 
was just curious about the development plan.

2. How does KQML, which you mentioned really wanting to use before, 
fit into this framework? Is this planned to be used for communication 
within the BL, remote communications, etc. etc. Just curious how this 
fits in.

3. In the optimization section you wrote: "Note this system  requieres 
a network of SINGLE type nodes, the +/- 120 diff. node types of the PL 
can never be 'compared' to each other." Can you explain more about 
what you are talking about here? I don't really understand your idea 
for a 'single' type node, and how this will fit in with the framework 
on how things working in the PL right now.

That's it. Thanks for writing up this listing. I'll be very excited to 
have it all working!


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