[Pipet Devel] Your ISMB 2000 poster

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca
Wed Jun 28 19:16:18 EDT 2000

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> Piper is a system for creating and managing links between Internet-distributed
> components, such as networks, programs, files, and widgets.  Components can
> reside remotely, on higher performance and capacity computers, while only
> representations reside locally.  Links can represent protocol-independent data
> flow, procedural steps, and relationships.  http://bioinformatics.org/piper
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I'd add something about the fact that everything is done "visually", and not in
a "shell script" form.


Jean-Marc Valin
Universite de Sherbrooke - Genie Electrique
valj01 at gel.usherb.ca

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