[Pipet Devel] omniORB and cvs code breakage

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Thu Jun 29 15:44:07 EDT 2000

Hello all;
    The omniORB folks have just announced the pre-releases for 
omniORB3 and omniORBpy 1.0, which will be the actual releases in a 
couple of days assuming there are no bug reports, etc. Right now I'm 
compiling these on my machine and am going to move to begin using them.
    Okay, so who cares what I do? Well, there was an argument on 
the distribution object python SIG about the mapping, and it ended up 
that the omniORB folks lost... so the stubs and skeletons that are 
generated by the omniORB idl compiler have changed (hopefully to what 
will now be the stable standard). As a result of this, I'll have to 
change the makefiles and imports to reflect this change, so if you are 
using an older version than the omniORBpy pre-release, the cvs code 
will not work for you :-<.
    However, moving to the releases makes a lot of sense, since then 
we can point users of Piper at stable releases (instead of old cvs 
tarballs) and also so we can stay compliant with the python mapping. 
For anyone following cvs, the only thing you should have to rebuild 
is omniORBpy, which you can get from:


    I'd like to check in the changes tonight... so if you have any 
objections, speak up :-).
    Sorry about the pain.


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