[Pipet Devel] Overflow/Messaging/Loci alliance mailing list

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Mar 13 22:08:10 EST 2000

Jean-Marc and I agree that there should be a separate mailing list to discuss
the collaboration between our three projects.  I can set that up here at The
Open Lab.  I can provide any service in fact: CVS, Web, FTP, etc.

The only problem is, what do we call the list?  :-)  The question really is,
what do we call the collaboration?  Overflow/Messaging/Loci is rather long. 
'OML' is rather meaningless.

How about 'Data' or 'Datum'.  Each project could then use the word as a
prefix, like...



Any other suggestions?

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