[Pipet Devel] [Fwd: Overflow/Loci/GMS collaboration]

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Mar 14 02:35:25 EST 2000

> There's another option that might be worth considering: "plugging" the GMS (or
> Loci) core on top of the Overflow core. I don't think it would be that hard,
> since we already have a node that can exec an executable and return it's stdout.
> Using sockets/corba might not be that hard. The advantage is that you could have
> a complex processing without too much overhead.

Maybe Overflow-subnets can be wrapped to become an element inside loic\gms?

> A nice feature we have (I didn't see it in Loci/GMS, but maybe it's there too)
> is "subnets" and "iterators", which allow the C equivalent of functions
> (reusable in any "program") and loops. For example, this allows me "for each
> file in a list", "for each 10 ms frame in the file", to calculate a
> powerspectrum.

It's on my TODO :)

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