[Pipet Devel] Re: Overflow/Loci/GMS collaboration

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Mar 14 02:51:17 EST 2000

> >
> > There's another option that might be worth considering: "plugging" the GMS (or
> > Loci) core on top of the Overflow core. I don't think it would be that hard,
> > since we already have a node that can exec an executable and return it's stdout.
> That's along the line of what GMS has accomplished and Loci has been trying to
> accomplish.  This is something we'll need to discuss since we have 3 ideas
> about how this can be done.

Gms does not 'wrap' external applications, it rather attaches them. Writting a
wrapper-plugins is perfectly possible though.

> But if Overflow were to be a node in GMS, Overflow would have to handle input
> from and output to the outside world.  I imagine Overflow might need a special
> node for doing that.

Not needed, an Overflow sub-net can 'accept' any data-description out of the pipeline

that it wants. The exsisting & 'to be coded' sensors will take care of the gathering
of data
and the visual will export the dataflows. In the GMS design dataflows MUST pass a
sensor-pipeline-visual path becouse of security\accessability.

> An idea that we had for Loci, was that unconnected lines
> on a workspace would represent data that would flow to and from the outside.
> And since Loci was going to nest workspace in a workspace in a workspace,
> etc., and each nested workspace is itself a node, unconnected lines would mean
> data flows to a parent.  I'd like to see us do that in our collaboration.

Unconnected lines? Like 'deadend dataflows'?

> Loci wasn't going to care about the content of the file.  We were going to use
> XML meta-data to accompany each node, and that could be saved to a file.  I'd
> like to hear what Jarl has to say about this and how GMS does it.

Likewise, gms has data in 5 types availieble to every node\object.
percentage\boolean). Historic data is cached\stored on disk.

> > As for the GUI, I don't think it's a priority for now... we might end up
> > rewriting one that best handles the new core (if we merge the 3 projects). Or we
> > can always keep 3 different GUIs that use the same core differently...
> Well, I okayed this with our one other dedicated coder (Brad), and we want
> Loci to provide a consistent (and very cool, I might add) GUI across the
> projects.  So, we'll back off of the infrastucture coding and dedicate
> ourselves to user interface and general design issues.

Maybe the person that coded the core of Loci is interested switching from python to

> > Last thing, let's see how much time we have. For the next year, I'm gonna code a
> > lot for Overflow, since I use it for my master (in speech processing). What
> > about you and the GMS guys?

I'm always working on gms.. only recently I started a new project (professional)
which will cool down coding in the midweeks :) Weekend are still dedicated to gms..

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