[Pipet Devel] vsh?

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Wed Mar 15 07:50:09 EST 2000


I thought we should try to come to an agreement about a name for the
collaborative project, and then get a mailing list set up ASAP.

Jean-Marc suggested the name VSH or 'Visual Shell'.  I was able find a very
old and now dead file manager for UNIX that went by the same name.  But
Jean-Marc says that does not matter to him.

Personally, I like the name, because I always thought of Loci as a graphical
(GSH is taken) or visual shell.  (I still love the name Loci, but we're no
more than 1/3rd the collaborative now and we have to make compromises.)  But I
think we should, at least in announcements and descriptions, say that this is
'the new VSH'.  That may pique people's curiousity too.

So, we're missing the vote of the remaining 1/3rd of the collaborative: Jarl.

I'd also like to get opinions from famous Locians like Gary, Brad, Justin,
David, Tim, Humberto, Jennifer, Alan, etc.  (Loci has 40 people on the mailing
list, BTW, which is something I am proud of, but perhaps attributable to Loci
having a list for more than a year.)

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