[Pipet Devel] CHANGES

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Mar 21 15:06:39 EST 2000

3/21/00 Brad
* Fixed deletion of loci so it now occurs through the middle. So now a 
shift-1 click on a loci in the workspace will delete it.

3/14/00 Brad
* Tons o' changes. Middle and front are now separate (yay!) with limited 
functionality. Specifically, DB table views do not work, and loci 
deletion (via shift-button1) does not work. Also, only the gadfly database 
works currently. Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon.
* Finished making the name changes so now at least everything being used in 
the middle is following the new case formatting style.
* Added a doc directory with some information.

20000313 J.W. Bizzaro <jeff at bioinformatics.org>
* Added 'Getting Started' to README.
* Made a couple changes to get loci-gnome working as an independent
* Made menu modules for workspace and connectors...to be implemented later.
* Separated windowlet creation into its own module.
* Started separating connector creation into own module.

(from a message off of the list)
Brad Chapman wrote:
> Do you have any idears for the problems I mention?

On 3/14/00 you mention some DB problems and the locus deletion problem.  I see
you got the locus deletion working again.  BTW, I will make that work from a
popup menu; I'm not so sure shift-button1 click is obvious.

As for databases, can you provide small samples (I think I mentioned this
before) and default values to go in the database selection form?  I haven't
been able to get this to work.  Samples should probably go under...


And of course, it would be nice to eventually be able to DnD databases onto
the workspace rather than fill out a form.

About the doc directory, is this something that cannot go in the loci-doc
module?  Do you think documentation should come with the main distribution?

Also Brad, take a look at your 2/7/00 entry in CHANGES.  Did you intend for
all of that to go into the file?  It looks like an accidental text paste.

Finally, should I make a tarball out of the current module?

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