[Pipet Devel] CHANGES

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Mar 21 18:28:04 EST 2000

> Brad Chapman wrote:
>> Do you have any idears for the problems I mention?
> On 3/14/00 you mention some DB problems and the locus deletion 

I kind o' went through the problems I was having in my 'Code updates' 
message from March 14th (on the list). It was right in the middle of 
all the initial Overflow/GMS craziness, so was probably overlooked 
(boo hoo, can you hear my weeping at being ignored? :) BTW, the 
problems are more "theoretical" than actual (ie. I hid them in 
the implementation for right now), so no one should really need to get 
anything working, like DBs, to offer suggestions.

> I see
> you got the locus deletion working again.  BTW, I will make that 
work from a
> popup menu; I'm not so sure shift-button1 click is obvious.

Sounds fine to me, the shift-click was just meant so I could test it 
out. Now that we have the middle and front separated I can add things 
without worrying so much about implementing them "properly" in the GUI 
and can let your magic hand figure this stuff out. As an example, I'm 
going to start adding support for disconnecting loci next and I don't 
have to worry about how the GUI will implement this eventually (yay!). 
Hopefully things will work a little quicker this way as we can work in 
tandem on things. 

> As for databases, can you provide small samples (I think I mentioned 
> before) and default values to go in the database selection form?  I 
> been able to get this to work.  Samples should probably go under...

Did you have a chance to try out the gadfly stuff from my "Gadfly 
info" messaging on Feb 9th? What problems did you have? This should 
give you a small db to get started.

> And of course, it would be nice to eventually be able to DnD 
databases onto
> the workspace rather than fill out a form.

Yuppers. Once we can save loci (hopefully soon!) this should be less 
of a problem.

> About the doc directory, is this something that cannot go in the 
> module?  Do you think documentation should come with the main 

I was just treating this as more of "developer's docs" rather than 
formal documentation. I just thought this might be a good place to 
stash the streaming XML communication protocol (which I change a lot 
right now) and maybe API docs, which will also change a lot. For 
"real" distributions (ie. distributions with numbers :-) we can just 
remove this.

> Also Brad, take a look at your 2/7/00 entry in CHANGES.  Did you 
intend for
> all of that to go into the file?  It looks like an accidental text 

No really, that big hunk of 4DOM code is important to the changes. 
Really :) Ooopsies, I'll take that out.
> Finally, should I make a tarball out of the current module?

Shore, that would be spectacular. Then Jarl, Jean-Marc and Dominic can 
have a chance to look at our current stuff. I think the last snapshot 
is still the one with the really slow communication between front and 
middle (since they were sharing one process). Plus we now have the 
formal front and middle separation, which gives a better idea of the 
direction stuff is heading...


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