[Pipet Devel] xml database stuff

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Mar 24 10:29:45 EST 2000

>> 1. Convert the current storage ids (ie.
>> 'workspace1/workspace2/viewer1.xml')
>> into unique ids and store this mapping in a dictionary (random_id
>> -> current_id).
>> 2. Shelve the xml according to their random ids.
>> 3. Provide lots o' helper functions to make this work smoothly with
>> the current set up.
>> What do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea?
Jarl wrote: 
> I dont get what you are trying the archive here..

I was just suggesting a way to store the xml representation, as you 
thought. I should have been more clear in this regard. Sorry. 
    I think we have two options:
    1. Shelve the DOM (will this work, can it be pickled? I haven't 
        about this? Hmm...)
    2. Shelve the XML string. This will probably require extra steps 
of DOM to
        string conversion, which is bad.

> If it is 'storing the XML representation', why not pipe the file 
> a PGP
> library?

Can you elaborate? (sorry, I'm slow :-) What is a PGP library? Or just 
point me to a place to look up more info...


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