[Pipet Devel] Re: Ideas for network distributed objects

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed Mar 22 03:58:28 EST 2000

> >
> > http://www.levien.com/athshe/prelim-design.html
> >
> > The link above describes Raph's thoughts/design
> > ideas on such a system.
> I'd like to hear comments from Jarl, Dominic, Jean-Marc and Brad on this.

Logical. I never intended to use XML internally. The way I look at XML is using
it for GUI-Scripts-Core communications, not need for using XML in every phase.

> > Bioinformatic/computational data can be very
> > large, and it would be bad to have to transfer
> > big blocks of data when you just need a bit of
> > it.
> Right.

jep, that's why GMS uses raw data 4kb shunks primairy, and offers optional
machalling to strings\intergers\etc.

> ...but using DOM instead of XML.

Why DOM? What does dom have superiour over XML?

> > Also, it discusses the implementation of locking
> > and transaction for these distributed objects,
> > which could be also be very useful for things
> > like distributed computation and simulation.

> Athshe is (yet) another way to implement object distribution and, having
> little experience with DOM, is perhaps a bit out of my area of expertise.  So,
> I'll defer to comment.  I want to hear what Jarl, Dominic, Jean-Marc and Brad
> have to say.

Everything can be learned as far as there's a logic need for it :)

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