[Pipet Devel] Overview

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Wed Mar 22 09:49:23 EST 2000

Jarl van Katwijk wrote:
> I've been working this weekend a lot on GMS
> to get some features done, but soon we'll have
> to work a little more coordinated, so I
> invite everybody to propose the things
> they think need to be done for their 'own'
> projects in order to bring us 3 together.

Brad and I want to propose a well-defined, GUI-to-core, XML-based, command
stream.  But we do need to now how the GMS-Overflow relationship will turn

> I'm trying to plan a very rough time-schedule
> in which will be working.

Loci hasn't been working from a time schedule, but ahead and make one.

> I'll be doing some 'testing' using the
> overflow library with gms, and will code
> some planned gms features, which will
> take around 2 weeks.  Maybe Overflow or
> Loci are currently into a phase that will
> take more time before any merge is possible.

I think Brad may be ready pretty soon to make a GMS-side library for
communication with Loci's GUI.  Is that right, Brad?  It doesn't really matter
for the GUI itself.

> -> How long before every project is ready for any merge attempt?

I'll let Brad answer that for me.

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