[Pipet Devel] node-to-node communication: you can have it 3 ways!

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Thu Mar 23 02:07:52 EST 2000

> (Chart 1: GMS brokers Overflow-to-Overflow subnet communication)
> But *IF* Overflow can can be made secure and managable across the Internet,
> then Chart 1 is an option, right?  I mean, it's just like Chart 2, except
> Overflow is the 'foreign app'.

That design would ruine the speed and flexibility I see possible for overflow. I
want to have the overflow capacity in the VSH system, but it should be made
in order to keep it's speed and possibilities. And gms already has taken outside
IO etc. in account, so why move that functionality to overflow?

> > Any reason why 1 should not be thrown away?
> If we agree that Overflow will not communicate with anything across the
> Internet, then 1 can be thrown away.  I just wanted to leave that option open
> to Jean-Marc if he wants to develop an Internet API later on.

OK to me, but just for now we need to have a goal for every project (Loci,
Overflow and gms) to work on in order to 'intergrate' them. Later on we
will evuluate.

SO the basis design for a collaboration-pilot is clear to me, I want to know if
everybody else is also OK and we can start discussing the implementation of
this pilot.
Every project please come to a conclussion..

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