[Pipet Devel] gui protocol revisited

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Mar 23 22:19:43 EST 2000

jarl van katwijk wrote:
> Looks nice, one thing: you're talking about 'requests', so will the GUI (and
> optional other
> 'controllers' like scripts or knowledge databases) have (1) the 'structure'
> stored internally
> or will they (2) 'build' it inside gms\overflow?
> GMS uses (2), I think Loci does too, but just to make sure..

I suppose by 'structure' you mean the structure of the network/subnet.  Yes,
the core will handle it.  I consider the interfaces/fronts to be completely
'dumb', acting only on the requests of user and core.

> The GUI just calls a LOCAL function like:
>     GUI2CORE_add_node()
> which will be transported (among other things) by corba to the core and call:
> which is a function located in the core.

Okay, but I guess Brad wants to keep GUI-to-core communication as a
datastream.  Brad, will you be attaching the Loci middle to this GMS API?

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