[Pipet Devel] gui protocol revisited

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Fri Mar 24 02:12:55 EST 2000

> > communiate with the GUI front via the streaming XML dialog you
> > describe.
> Okay, if you like that.  And I guess Jarl likes it too.

Yes. sure is.

> I'm a little confused about this 'processing part of the program'.  Is this
> something GMS or Overflow has now?  Is it something you'll have to write?

After some time when the 'basics' work, non-technical users will be excluded
from using VHS, so there must be some meganism to automatie the creation of
data flow.
1) applications can supply a VSH 'script' that intergrate that application to
2) to analyze 'good' structures and apply them to other instances of VSH.

1) is easy, but 2) requires an anaylize 'core' (CFS\GAP on the the GMS page)
Both are far-future idears though :)

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