[Pipet Devel] gui protocol revisited

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Fri Mar 24 10:12:48 EST 2000

>     Well, I wanted to attach it to the idl I sent out yesterday.

Yes, I will work on the IDL this weekend, we'll can have a pretty good
one done in a few days. Implementing the idl will take some longer.

>      I'm not really very clear right now how GMS and Overflow will
> combine and work together (I'll need to dig more into the code to know
> this for sure)

Overflow will work as it does standalone, and gms will pass on the calls
from and to the gui.

> As I said, I'd like this combination of GMS and Overflow to wrap into
> one idl (the one I sent out).

Yes, right.

>     Along these lines, I'd like to try and dig more into Overflow and
> GMS code and start working with it. This will probably help us firm up
> the communication between the 'middle scripting engine' and the
> 'processing part' and help get the idl straightened out and all. So...
> I was going to throw myself out to the wolves and ask if Jarl and
> Jean-Marc and Dominic have parts of GMS and Overflow that they'd like
> me to work on/with, to help towards our integration goal. These can be
> small short term projects or whatever, but I'd like to help in this
> regard, and it would help me be more familiar with what is going on
> and actually be able to make more non-vague suggestions :-)
>     So could we work something like this out?

Sure, but first let us define that GUI <-> Engine idl. When we got that
ready, things will be much more clear I guess.

>     I think we sort of have a design down, although at least in my
> thinking, the XML representation, the makeup of the processing engine,
> and the 'middle scripting engine' and 'processing part' idls are the
> most important things we need to tackle in terms of internal structure.

Yes, the overflow people agreed to this design too, so let's make The idl
and make a list of features that the 3 projects need to implement in order

to let the layers work together.


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