[Pipet Devel] Naming of three layers

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Mon Mar 27 01:14:10 EST 2000

> > (BTW, the argument that 'Dataflow' is redundant could also be applied to
> > 'Layer' ;-))
> Yes, what about:
>   -User Interface
>   -Definition
>   -Brokering
>   -Processing

OK, but inside the source code I'm in favoir of using the 'L' (UI,DL,BL & PL),
just to keep track of the function names, I get mad if I have to stare a few houres

at single character names.

> Since we all know they are all layers and that everything's about dataflow
> anyway.
> > There are also the 'foreign applications' and 'objects' to consider.  We could
> > add a...
> >
> >   OAL: Objects and Applications Layer
> I don't consider objects to be a layer... they're just objects (now that's new
> ;-) )

I agree, the objects are making up the layers.

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