[Pipet Devel] Idl

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Mar 28 02:08:42 EST 2000

jarl van katwijk wrote:
> > This is mostly useful to the user and should be kept as XML meta-data.  I
> > don't know what use the core has for it.
> The 'description' is merly a identification for the security meganism.

Alright, I was talking about a 'GUI description' :-)

> > The back-end or applications should set the status, which is reported back to
> > the user through the datastream.
> Also. But the DL must be able to modify the status of a node\subnet too.
> This wont happen too often, but things like renicing or stalling will be needed.

However it happens, I'd like the core to be continuously reporting status
information back to the GUI.  I'll make some little (animated?) indicators to
show the user the status of each node.

> > Hmmm.  I have been in favor of the GUI allowing only compatible connections
> > (same data type).  If we assign types (e.g., mime) to data, we can determine
> > what will and won't work.
> The BL will be able to marchall (data conversion). This wont conflict with the
> type-casting the PL has, the marchalling will be like manipulating
> High-endian\Low-endian formatting, plain-encrypted formats, etc.

Will the core be able to say 'yes, this connection will work' and 'no, this
connection won't work'?

> > We can make a 'front' that records the datastream to a file.
> The BL (gms) already does this (see messaging_mobject_structs.h -> histryIO)
> But logging the PL nodes wont be touched by this. This should be optional,
> because logging every node will have huge CPU load.

Oh, okay.  Yes, very much a resource hog.

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