[Pipet Devel] executing a network script

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu May 4 21:39:31 EDT 2000

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> If we're doing a pull, then only the output node matters. This means that we're
> not going to specify a section we want to run, but what output we want. The
> nodes that are actually going to run will depend on what needs to be calculated.

Hmmm.  I never thought of that.  So, a user can just select the "document"
that recieves the output, and piper will do whatever it takes to get the
data.  I like it.

> OK, first of all, I have to say I don't know anything about Python. I would
> rather code the GUI in C++, but if most people want Python, it's OK with me, as
> long as you don't expect me to contribute too much.

Like I said, for my Gnome UI (was Loci, now Pied), I will write the
workspace/network widget for Overflow/PL.  It will be a modified version of
what already exists for Loci.

> A) embed the Overflow GUI in piper (0 lines)
> B) use the GUI classes (GUINode, GUILink, ...) in piper (~0-200 lines)
> C) scrap the GUI (1), but keep 2) (2500-3000 lines)
> D) scrap both 1) and 2) (5000 lines)
> I would go for either C or D, that may depend on whether or not we're going to
> use the gnome canvas (I use it, and I suggest using it).

I'd go for C as well.  BTW, the Loci GUI is already about 3000 lines, so we
wouldn't be starting from scratch.

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