[Pipet Devel] UI/DL and selection WAS executing a network script

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri May 5 14:50:53 EDT 2000

Brad wrote:
>> In my opinion, this is too much of a mess under the streaming XML
>> dialog API

Jarl wrote:
> ? explain please.

This is what I was trying to do with my example :-) My point was 
supposed to be that a whole ton of stuff has to happen just to support 
a user click on the canvas. This will makes things reaaaaaaaly slow.

Jarl wrote:
> because non lineair node access makes troubble?
> Shouldn't this kinda access already be there? The UI user can do 
> at anytime.

No, non-linear access is actually the only kind of access to nodes I 
have :-) The problem is more that everything is stored in xml and not 
in memory. I was working with this model because I was thinking we 
were going to only be dealing with large scale changes to things. But 
now I need to re-think this.

[...me talking about Berlin...]
Jarl wrote:
> I read the site, and I didn't really saw the relanvance. Just the 
fact they
> use corba everywhere or is there more?

I guess I thought the relevance was that we both have something like 
the following:

external ui ---------> information that defines ui

In their case they have the external ui (in any language) manipulating 
what they call a scene graph, which defines how the ui looks. In our 
case, we have an external ui manipulating an xml description, which 
defines how the ui looks. I just kind of throught there were some 
parallels here, at least in my warped mind :-)


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