[Pipet Devel] executing a network script

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri May 5 15:09:35 EDT 2000

[...snip...my description of SWIGing the UI* classes of Overflow in 
the dl...]

> Sounds fine! I'm not sure I understand the modifications you want to 
> though... could you explain more? 

Well, I don't really know if I'll have to make any modifications. Let 
me start working on it and see how things fit and we can discuss 
more... I just wanted to make the goal "a little bit of code 
rewriting" so then we could be excited if we had "no code rewriting." 

> Here's another precision I'd like to make
> about the way Overflow works... I'm going to compare 3 classes: 
Node, UINode,
> and GUINode
> Node is the (abstract) base class for all operations (including the 
> class; a Network is a Node) if a certain node in the "program" is 
> twice
> (because of subnet inclusion) then, there are two instances of these 
> UINode is not an abstract class and can represent any node type in 
> "program". It is used to save/load XML and has a "build" method, 
> returns a
> Node (actually an object of a class that derives from Node). 

Cool, this makes a lot of sense, since the dl is set up in a very 
similar way, except for the fact that I don't have an abstract node 
class. In the case of the dl, we have a non-abstract locus class, from 
which all other classes derive, including workspaces (the equivalent 
of your network). I also have the basic locus class derive from what 
is kind of a "persistence" class. Right now this class defines stuff 
for directly interacting with the file describing a locus (ie. loading 
it into DOM, and even actually getting the location of it), and then 
derived classes implement functions like create (like your "build") 
and remove that interact with this specific persistant representation. 
I forget exactly where I read about this and ripped it off from, but 
the idea is that we could change the underlying storing mechanism 
without totally having to completely gut and revamp the code.

> GUINode derives from UINode and adds some Gnome functionalities. If 
I were to
> write a KDE GUI, I'd simply create a KUINode that derives from 

Loci doesn't have this formal inheritence of both the ui class and the 
dl class from an abstract base class. The reason for this is the goal 
of making ui's implementatble in any language. When the ui and dl were 
together, This kind of mechanism was starting to creep in (until I 
forcibly drug them apart). Personally, I like the goal of multiple UIs 
in different langauges, and not just different toolkits. This way 
maybe one day I'll be able to run Piper on my Mac with a java ui or 
something :-)

> Also, I think using swig is a good idea, as I'd
> like to be able to use the original Overflow without python.

Great! I'll start taking a look at it and give updates as it goes 
along. As I said my goal is to not mess with your code, so you 
definately shouldn't have to give up the stand alone operation of 
Overflow. Of course, I'm positive that eventually you will be drawn 
into the wonderful world of python and won't want Overflow to run 
without python wrapping it :-)


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