[Pipet Devel] Fun with ORBs & M$ Word

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue May 9 07:28:52 EDT 2000

> [...snip...my rambling about how orbit-python won't work and other
> ORB choices...]
> Well, the official 'request for discussion' period on the new python
> ORB implementation for Piper has officially passed so I'm happy to
> announce my choice is...(drum roll please)...
> omniORBpy!
> Yay! Anyways, changes to make the Loci part o' Piper use omniORBpy
> will go into cvs tonight (it has been using Fnorb temporarily), so
> anyone with objections should speak up quickly :-)

I dont like Latex, I'm using Mircosoft Word.

Nah, go ahead Brad, have your judgement pick the best. Like  I'll do
with the
documentation format :)

I'm trying to get hold of automake e.c. and will get a mental breakdown
you people want me to learn some wierd text-formatting system..


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