[Pipet Devel] Fun with ORBs

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed May 10 03:57:46 EDT 2000

> Fnorb is incompatible with our distribution plans, if not with the LGPL

thinking the same thing.
Must note that I already used some GPL code in the plugins of GMS, but  those are

seperate binairies, gms runs 100% without any of them.

> About ORBit, a few weeks ago I may have argued to use Gnome tools merely for
> the sake of using Gnome tools.  But, after some more thought, I believe it
> would be best to NOT make Piper (at its core) rely on Gnome (libraries or
> tools):

Aaarg. What did you say? Thought you liked gnome as much as I did

> Gnome is a DESKTOP system and Piper is NOT.\

Disagree. Gnome has desktop libraries, which can or can not be used. But gnome
is much more as just a desktop layer.
Checkout their http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/api-toc.html

Not making use of gnome's features will be like not using posix features of the
just in case we might want to port Piper to Win32. I think using 'default' unix
that happen to give the best should be used.  I think gnome (+all other emerging
dependancies) give too much functionality to drop it.
But ok, maybe when everybody will hate my gnome advocacy, but what if we would
drop gnome, what will than be the basis of Piper? Drop glib? Or even gcc maybe?


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