[Pipet Devel] Why Gnome is sooooo damn good WAS Fun with ORBs

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed May 10 09:02:46 EDT 2000

> Has anyone of you people ever used the NON-gui features of Gnome? 
I'm not
> just
> promoting gnome because it's the Right thing, but because of it's 
> Or maybe
> is this only usefull when coding in C?

I would imagine that a lot of the usefulness of gnome is lost if you 
aren't programming in C. I think the only point Jean-Marc was trying 
to make in his original comment was that we should just try to avoid 
generating dependencies "if possible." I think if you find the gnome 
libs nicer to work with then other options, then it is all you. 
    I think the problem is that in the past we have tried to use Gnome 
tools "just because" they are Gnome, like ORBit with python for 
instance :-) Instead, we should just pick the best option for the 
programmer based on more objective criteria :-)

> Anyone on this? Which parts of Gnome can be used by C++ or Python?

In python all of the stuff that gnome libraries offer, like threading, 
internet stuff, option parsing, regex, etc. comes in the standard 
library. This puts the burden of porting this code to different 
systems in the hands of the python community as a whole, instead of 
just on an individual developer with a program. So if python is ported 
to a platform, all of these library options will be available there. 
    So my point is that I don't see why anyone would want to use these 
gnome tools with python, since the functionality already exists in the 
standard library. 


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