[Pipet Devel] Installation + Directory clean-up

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun May 14 13:50:34 EDT 2000

> > 1. Not everyone will want things in these directories. I don't care
> I use /usr/local/ for all non-system programs, because of how I set up my
> diskspace. So, I agree, I'd enjoy seeing a bit of flexibility in where the
> program ends up

My interest is main focused on the updating of Piper. I know this is something
not to be realized soon, but maybe after compiling we can install just the
and have that install the complete system, and have it up to date.

> > non-portable (that's why I'm making Jarl fight with autoconf :-).
> I recently tried installing a package that had a hand-written
> Makefile ported from a whole 'nother architecture. What a nightmare.

Automake is a nightmare too.. but only for one person. I've used handcrafted
makefiles till recently, but I must agree autoconf should be used, or similar


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