[Pipet Devel] NETPIPES

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Mon May 15 11:49:52 EDT 2000

> I sent this link to the list a couple weeks ago.  I would very much like to
> get a comment from Jarl on Netpipes.  Would any of this code be usable in the
> BL?  Does it give you any ideas?  It seems to me that we will need to
> re-invent much of this in the BL.  Am I wrong (again)?

Dont want to disencourage, but ... ;)
Netpipes is like netcat (nc), it's for piping (like the '|'  shell sign) streams
across a
network. But only in 2D space. This tool is just too simplistic for our needs.
It aint
got the ability to define connection types at all.
As I said before, I'm intending to use Gnet for high speed connections, and
for all the others. Gnet is a direct concurrent to netpipes, but it's a library
doesn't need any coding to integrate with the BL. Netpipes could be used in a
'wrapping' mode, but that's not very tempting to me.

(Gnet : http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~dhelder/misc/gnet/)


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