[Pipet Devel] Update of new directory structure

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun May 21 14:32:21 EDT 2000

Jean-Marc wrote:
> I've seen that you've included the UI* classes in the directory 
tree. Are you
> planning on doing this for the future releases, as it may become 
very hard to
> maintain the Overflow code in two different places. 

Definately not. Sorry, I forgot to write about this. I just included 
these classes as a convenience since Piper isn't using Overflow full 
scale yet. Once it starts getting integrated into the bl as well, then 
I'll start assuming that everyone using Piper has Overflow installed. 
The included classes are basically the UI classes from Overflow, but I 
hacked them into a horrible shape by commenting out lots of stuff I'm 
not using in the dl (so they can compile stand-alone without the 
data-flow module). The wrapping is *very much* a work in progress 
since it doesn't do anything at all yet :-). I just included them 
because I was interested to see if people could compile the SWIG 
extension without problems.

Instead, I suggest
> checking
> out Overflow separatly from CVS (though everything could be in one 
> for a
> tar.gz release). In this way, there would only be one Overflow tree 
> maintain.
> What do you think?

Agreed. I'll maintain these few classes while I'm messing with things, 
but toss them out for any kind of release., It should be quite easy to 
include different parts of Overflow into Piper for a full tar.gz 
distribution since they both use autoconf build systems and are set up 
in the same way (since I stole a lot from the Overflow distribution 


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