[Pipet Devel] Development model proposal

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed May 24 09:59:41 EDT 2000

> We all run Unixxes, so maybe we could setup a cron\at scheme so that 
> all commit our code dayly, and check it out after all commit are
> finished?

The only problem is that having cron jobs do the commiting might 
result in breaking suggestion #1, checking in code which doesn't 
work/compile. Also, a simple cvs commit won't work if you added new 
files or directories, and will also fail if your code isn't updated to 
the most recent version. So it might end up being less reliable that 
is sounds.

Another idea that might help is that I know some places have cvs setup 
so that it sends out e-mails to developers when people make commits. I 
don't know much about setting this up, but I think if we had this 
going it would become clear pretty quickly how often and when people 
normally check in their stuff, so you could update after these times.


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