[Pipet Devel] Front to middle, peep, and piper.

deanne at density.biop.umich.edu deanne at density.biop.umich.edu
Sun May 28 13:45:08 EDT 2000

> About commands, we need to come up with a list of them.  Unlike the Unix
> command line, these commands are not programs.  They're more like FTP
> commands, so we can start with the HELP command to list all of the others.

Right, gotcha.

> Here are some I can think of off-hand:
> So, we actually need a layer lower than the tty layer to evaluate the command
> line.

Okay, that helps...I'll keep that in mind.

> Okay, so the command-line evaluator is next.  It'll be a while longer before
> we see Peep come together, since I'd like Brad to implement abstraction from
> the XML API he just wrote about.  Be patient :-)

(puts on her Zen face)

This tells me I have to learn XML, oh mah oui.

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