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Mon May 29 11:38:01 EDT 2000

> asterisk next to my name and below write...
> * Corresponding author:
> Bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab
> c/o Department of Chemistry
> University of Massachusetts Lowell
> Lowell, MA 01854
> jeff at bioinformatics.org

You might also wish to include the relevant institution for various people
in smaller letters with other symbols, since we're not at UMass. It's an
academic point, but traditional even in posters.

<snips corrections by Jeff>

> >         A typical problem in bioinformatics research is linking together
> > multiple programs to analyze a set of information. A common example of this
> > is in building phylogenetic trees from DNA sequences. The sequences are
> > intially aligned using a sequence alignment program, are then analyzed in a
> > phylogeny program to produce trees, and finally the trees are visualized in
> > a viewer. This process can be further complicated by the fact that the
> > programs may have incompatible inputs and outputs, as well as extensive
> > memory and processing requirements. To address these problems the authors
> > have developed Piper, a distributed platform that can be used to link
> > bioinformatics programs. Piper is ideally suited to bionformatics analysis
> analysis or analyses [?]

Actually, it isn't PIPER that is suited to "bioinformatics analysis" but
that Piper is the analysis agent....

"Piper is ideally suited to broker bioinformatics analyses in that it can
combine highly specific..." etc.

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