[Pipet Devel] Using Gnome with other Corba implementations

Duncan Grisby dgrisby at uk.research.att.com
Mon Nov 13 06:17:07 EST 2000

On Saturday 11 November, jarl van katwijk wrote:

> What's about? It's about using gnome with other Corba Orb implementations. A
> part of Gnome is gnorba, the corba\ORBit extensions of gnome. Gnorba has some
> nice features, among security is one. This security feature is nice when you
> only use gnome\gnorba applications, but it makes it impossible to have gnome
> applications communicate with other Orb implementations.

omniORB can use Gnome's authentication mechanism. Just set the
OMNIORB_PRINCIPAL environment variable to the Gnome cookie string. You
can find that by running "xprop -root GNOME_SESSION_CORBA_COOKIE".

Of course that doesn't help if you're using a different ORB, but Piper
seems to be using omniORB.



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