[Pipet Devel] Offer to help

COFFMAN Steven SCoffman at CBSINC.com
Thu Oct 5 13:36:23 EDT 2000

    I'd like to help out if possible. I'm a commiter on Apache's XML project
(FOP mostly), so I know Java, PDF, XML, XSL:T, XSL:FO and other fun
acronyms. I don't know python, but I've been meaning to learn it anyway.
It's been a while since I used C++. I wrote java stuff using CORBA when the
first java bindings were available, but never in C++, and way before GNOME.
I'd like to help in whatever way, but I have a an idea for taking two XML
files (and DTDs) and using them figure out what a generic XSL:T file would
be to translate between the two, so you can edit one and XSL:T it to the
other. I've got some scripts that do a half-way decent job of that now. I
dunno if that would be helpful to Piper, but I thought I'd offer.
So basically "I'm a clueless newbie that should be able to figure things out
reasonably fast". :) What would you like me to do?
P.S. The graphical pipe concept is the most fascinating part to me. The
distributed network stuff is cool too, but not as exciting.
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