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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Oct 6 22:30:13 EDT 2000

COFFMAN Steven wrote:
> I got into python last night, and I'm getting it pretty quick. Are there any
> python-CORBA documents lying about? I found pygnome GUI articles.

We are using omniORB and its Python bindings.  There is some documentation on
their Web site:


But I am not aware of any published articles on Python-CORBA.  Anyone else?

Here is the main omniORB site:


> On a related note, have you ever worked with Conglomerate
> (www.conglomerate.org)? It's a pretty slick XML editor.

We've mentioned Conglomerate a couple times before and have considered its use
in documentation (SGML or DocBook) editing.  But, more recently, we have been
considering Wiki and LaTeX/LyX for documentation.  I'm not sure we all agree
on one or the other at this point.

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