[Pipet Devel] getting piper built. RPM, deb, etc.

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Oct 11 16:42:39 EDT 2000

COFFMAN Steven wrote:
> A couple of the prerequisites for piper have C++ code. Since RedHat 7.0 uses
> gcc 2.96, it's best to recompile these rather than installing binaries, as
> there's some symbol mangling possible, I hear.

I heard that as well.

> I found src.rpm's for everything piper needs, except for the omniORB. Would
> it be useful to  provide locations/links or mirrors for those files in
> src.rpm form so all architectures, versions, and whatnot of RPM based linux
> distributions are supported? If it's not a waste of time, I can provide
> that.

I managed to find the src.rpm's myself, since I use RPM's, and I was going to
list put the URL's in the INSTALL file.  But, you're welcomed to do it if you
want to :-)

We can keep mirrors of the dependencies locally as well, at The Open Lab FTP

> I noticed that PyXML 0.5.1 and 4Suite 0.9 (which contains 4DOM 0.10
> strangely) conflict, but not in the way that the piper INSTALL say they do.
> The conflict is over __init__.py and __init__.pyc. Should I be worried that
> no other files were mentioned as conflicting (at least by the RPM install)?

That's a good question for Brad.

> For omniORB, I was rather surprised when I did "make export" that it
> installed into the current directory. /home/gears/junk/deleteme/omni/lib is
> not where I'd like it. Where's the standard place for it?

I suppose you can put it just about anywhere (I put it in /opt, but some may
prefer /usr/local), providing you set the environment variables accordingly:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/opt/omniORB_300/bin/i586_linux_2.0_glibc2.1

> I contacted the
> omniORB folks to see if they would like me to make RPMs for it (there are
> .debs already).

It'd be nice to have those.  I suppose no-one ever volunteered to make them
for omniORB.

> Even if they say yes, I was kind of thinking it might be a little premature
> to build piper RPMs, although I can do this at some point. What do you
> think?

It is a little premature to build RPM's for Piper.  Right now, GMS (will be
the Brokering Layer) is not in the piper module, although Jarl is working on

I'd say, give us a few more weeks before considering packaging Piper.  But,
thanks again for offering.  It will be great to have them :-)

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