[Pipet Devel] getting piper built. RPM, deb, etc.

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Thu Oct 12 02:11:43 EDT 2000


Hi Steven,

> I found src.rpm's for everything piper needs, except for the omniORB. Would
> it be useful to  provide locations/links or mirrors for those files in
> src.rpm form so all architectures, versions, and whatnot of RPM based linux
> distributions are supported? If it's not a waste of time, I can provide
> that.

that would be very nice.

> For omniORB, I was rather surprised when I did "make export" that it
> installed into the current directory. /home/gears/junk/deleteme/omni/lib is
> not where I'd like it. Where's the standard place for it? I contacted the
> omniORB folks to see if they would like me to make RPMs for it (there are
> .debs already).

OMNIorb is pretty hard to install nicely.. after you compiled it the binairies
be placed ./bin/{platform} directory. I have placed the contents of this in

> Even if they say yes, I was kind of thinking it might be a little premature
> to build piper RPMs, although I can do this at some point. What do you
> think?

It is premature, because there still is no working piper code yet, but if
you could already do some preparation work. We'll soon have a piper
pilot and than it is nice to have all the packaging already done.

thnx & bye,

> -Steve
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